In an awful start to his attempt to sue Rugby Australia for $10 million and have his contract re-instated, Israel Folau and his lawyer turned up late this morning.

Bumbling into Melbourne’s Federal Circuit Court earlier, the pair hurriedly apologised to the Judge for their poor punctuality and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Folau’s lawyer explained that he had an issue with his printer this morning, and the kerfuffle set everything back and delayed their arrival.

“I cleared tray three, three fucken times, and it still wouldn’t print. That fucken printer honestly. What the fuck is F3?” asked the frazzled lawyer before being warned by the judge about being in Contempt of Court.

The presiding judge who looked customarily grumpy, as if he isn’t get paid 100’s of 1000’s a year to sit and listen to people argue all-day, then issued a stern warning about further lateness before kicking the directions hearing off.

Folau’s legal representative then launched a tangental argument about free speech, the constitution and something about a vibe before being asked to sit down by the judge.

After a short but sharp directions hearing, the judge then set a mediation date for the 13th of December and a February 2020 trial if they fail to resolve their differences.

Given it’s unlikely that they will resolve their differences, it looks as though the nation will have to be a witness to the shit show that is Israel Folau v Rugby Australia for another few months at the very least.


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