A trendy NRL player has decided to show off his sensitive side this week by booking himself a trip to somewhere in Europe.

The Gold Coast-based star named Brayden Lucas has informed his Instagram followers that he’s not a ‘dumb jock like the rest of the meatheads’ he plays with, with a post about his exciting cultural getaway.

The trip to Europe, which at this point in time looks like a week on a yacht followed by a week drinking in a coastal Greek tourist hotspot, is going to be a nice break from the daily testosterone-fuelled grind explained Lucas.

“All the boys are booking trips to Bali and Phuket where they’ll just get fucked up and hop from villa to bar to villa, but I want a bit more from my holiday,” he said to The Advocate today.

“It’s going to be good to go somewhere a bit different and experience a new culture,” explained the man whose most cultural experience will likely be drinking Aperol Spritz.

“The rest of the boys won’t get out of the comfort zone at all,” said the aspiring post footy career craft brewery.

“Anyway, good luck to them, but I’ll be doing my own thing thanks.”


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