Sitting in their 3-bedroom Queenslander in Betoota Springs last Saturday, Stephanie George (27) mindlessly asked her boyfriend, Jake Handley (28), who was winning the cricket – a costly mistake that she will definitely think twice about making in the future.

“Who’s winning?” Jake parroted.

“Steph, it’s a 6-day test – we’re only on day 3!”

Stephanie, who thought the conversation ended there, began scrolling through her Instagram feed again, only to be interrupted by the second part of Jake’s educational barrage.

“But I’d say we’re in a pretty favourable position. We’ve got Steve Smith coming into bat and he can handle any bowl that the Poms throw at him. Our only concern at this stage is the pitch, but it seems to be affecting them more than us – just take a look at the puddings Ali was sending down!”  

At this stage, as Stephanie explains, she completely tuned out.

“It was just noise, like, I understood the words but I couldn’t arrange them into a coherent sentence, he may as well have been speaking another language.”

This appears to be a common theme amongst Australian couples. Data provided exclusively to The Advocate by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that during a test cricket broadcast, females aged 25-34 increase their social media activity by an astonishing 65%, a number only seen at one other time of year, during the State of Origin.

More to come.


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