As the Collingwood Football Club continued their coach-killing season on Tuesday, quiz show host and President, Eddie McGuire called for solidarity among supporters, but for some WAGS, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand “side by side” with their partners.

Wishing to remain anonymous, “Narelle”, the girlfriend of a current Magpies defender, told SEN1116 of the shame associated with dating a member of one of the competition’s most successful cellar-dwellers.

“In the early days of the relationship, I told Pop that my boyfriend played for Collingwood… I think it was at Nan’s seventieth… Anyway, he started crying. That was probably the first time.”

“Now if a colleague or someone asks what my partner does, I tell them he’s an electrician… The”

“The reactions are really positive. My manager even asked me if he’d be able to quote her for an IXL Tastic… you know those bathroom lights. I ended up googling them and told her a really expensive price so she wouldn’t ask for anything else” she said laughing.

Not surprisingly, this current crop of Magpies Missos isn’t the first collection of WAGs to have been embarrassed by their partner’s poor on-field form.

For Shani Huston, ex-wife of an enigmatic Demons forward, it was a case of he’s a footballer… or nearest offer.

“The Demons were bad throughout our entire relationship. I attended the Brownlow with him one year and the next day at work, my Boss said he saw me on the TV…”

“I could’ve died. I played dumb and swore it wasn’t me. I told everyone in the office my husband was a car salesman. I think they eventually bought it.”

But Instagram model and notorious WAG, Becky Kenna, was outraged by the reports that partners had shunned disclosing their men’s profession, saying win, lose or draw, you’ve got to stand by your man.

“You’ve got to be proud of him, above all else… and make the most of it, because one day you’re sipping champagne with your girlfriends in the friends and family section of the MCG, and the next, he’s delisted and working in real estate for $80k a year.”


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