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A nervous, shouty young man has taken time out of his busy half-time debrief session with his WhatsApp group to confirm that his love of the national soccer team will be extinguished if they lose to Syria tonight in Sydney.

Tom Comby told The Advocate that he’s probably the biggest fan the Socceroos have in Western Queensland, as he’s the only person from the district who’s travelled down to the Harbour Capital to see them take on the Syrians.

But even Tom agrees that if they lose to Syria and go on to not qualify for the next year’s world cup in Russia, that’ll be it as far as he’s concerned.

“I swear to God, if they lose, I’ll fucking lose it,” he said.

“Spending a week’s pay to come down to the windy shitheap of the town to see the Socceroos lose on a Tuesday is not my definition of a good time. I can’t even get pissed after the game, all the fucking pubs shut before full time,”

“Anyway, it’s halftime. We should be fine, it’s Syria after all. But yeah, if this goes to a penalty shootout and we lose, jumping fucking Jesus, I will just die.”

Mr Comby then hung up on our reporter after telling him the second half was about to start.

More to come.



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