Cricket Australia has today had to bring in the big guns in an attempt to thicken the skin of David Warner, as the South African opponents begin to find his sweet spot.

This follows the news that the Australian vice captain has been charged by the International Cricket Council, fined 75 per cent of his match fee and given three demerit points for his emotional outburst at de Kock outside the Kingsmead dressing rooms says ago.

In an immediate response to this incident, coaching staff of the Australian side have sent the number two batsmen on a week long conditioning course with Australia’s greatest and most offensive sledger, Merv Hughes.

The bootcamp, which is being conducted in an empty warehouse 100 kilometres outside of Durban, will focus on temper-harnessing and balancing the hotheaded Sydney lad’s dishing-out-to-taking-it capabilities.

“What we want is for David to return from this week away with absolutely every feeling hurt” says coach Darren Lehmann.

“We want him exhausted, emotionally, and ready to put the blinkers on when he gets back out there”

It is believed in the first day of this excercise, Warner has already worn through three different rolls of twine rope, which have been employed to keep him the chair and unable to assault Hughes.

“There have been tears, death threats and lots of yelling” says the former Australian cricketing loudmouth, Hughes.

“He’s got a long way to go, but I think we can get him where he needs to be for the next match”

“One positive is he is starting to throw back some serious venom. His dishing out is really improving in these one on ones”

“We just need to work on the taking it”



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