Purveyors and traffickers of the glamorous party drug cocaine say they are beginning to worry that the stimulant – often used as a psychoactive drug to alter one’s mental state in a way that modifies emotions, perceptions, and feelings for recreational purposes – may be getting a bad name from its association with the NRL.

It is believed that cocaine, which is more commonly linked to upper-class communities and is known as a “rich man’s drug” – could be suffering from the constant headlines that associate it with heavily tattooed men from working class backgrounds.

Traditionally, the drug has been popular amongst Australian stockbrokers, lawyers, tech entrepreneurs and hospitality tycoons as a recreational party drug – however, the bourgeoisie gloss is starting the fade after nearly twenty rugby-league-related incidents in the last 12 months.

Les Avarale is a spokesperson for the Retailers And Cocaine Carriers alliance (RACC), he says the constant Newslimited headlines that link cocaine to rugby league is not a good look.

“We are marketing this product as an upper-echelon luxury. It’s not meant to be something you sniff off a woman’s chest in a hip hop night club” he said.

Avarale says the lucrative money being made by ‘westies’ and ‘bogans’ who play professional sport or work in the mines has, in recent years, given classless Australians access to drugs that they were never meant to enjoy.

“We’ve even heard reports of people doing cocaine in Leagues clubs. That is just not what we want happening with our product’

“We are really hoping to distance ourselves from the NRL in the future, just so we can focus on our base… Corporates and executives”

“And not rugby league executives for fucks sake”




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