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Cooper Cronk sent the Rugby League rumour mill into overdrive last year when he announced he would leave the Melbourne Storm and has done so again by signing with Roosters.

The move has set a fox amongst the chickens, or Roosters so to speak, with club veteran Mitchell Pearce reportedly on the way out the door.

A number of clubs have expressed interest in the Premiership winner, but the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs have pulled out of the race stating that they had “serious concerns” for the welfare of their mascot.

“As you may be aware, our mascot is a dog, a bulldog understandably, and given Mitchell Pearce’s previous indiscretions and his attractions towards canines the club has had to withdraw from negotiations,” a club statement read.

CEO of the Bulldogs Andrew Hill told the Advocate that the risk of Mitchell Pearce dry humping the four legged mascot was too great a risk.

“Normally we wouldn’t have a problem signing players who are that rowdy, but that’s because they are only like that towards other players, not dogs,” he sighed.



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