Ambrose (44) is a modern man. He works on a computer at home, and lives in one of those Brisbane suburbs with really old trees in the main street. Sometimes, in the winter, they even put fairy lights on the trees.

He prefers non-dairy for no reason other than the fact that he enjoys laying cable with a bit of fibre. He also drinks red wine without ice cubes in it.

Obviously, with refined tastes like this, Ambrose is a Brisbane Lions supporter – and makes up a niche community of Queensland AFL fans that began watching the Victorian game when he realised that his kids could play a sport that didn’t actively encourage concussing opponents in under 12s.

The Lions three-preat in the early 2000s caught his eye, and he hasn’t stopped watching since.

But with his beloved club making it all the way into the Grand Final this year, he’s now unconsciously transforming into yet another Queensland footy fan – and has found himself making the type of vile comments that have no business being aired in the streets of New Farm.

With a neighbourhood made up of resin-jewellry arts collectors and high-brow homosexuals, Ambrose has no one in his immediate vicinity that share his excited hooliganism.

That was until he saw a man in the bottleshop this afternoon with a Brisbane Broncos tattoo.

It doesn’t happen very often, but Ambrose extended his hand in solidarity with the shy rugby league fan, and bonded with him over their shared excitement about both Brisbane teams making their respective grand finals.

“Up the bronx” Ambrose says to his new friend.

“You a fan?” says the skeptical NRL fan, taking a long hard look at Ambrose’s paddy cap.

“Lions fan. But it’s a great weekend to be from Brisbane”

“Fucken oath” says the NRL man with a spikey mohawk-mullet.

“Up the Lions”

Ambrose smiles and shakes the mans hand.

“They must be so filthy down south. They can suck our dicks”

His new friend introduces himself.

“Tyrone bro”

“Just heading to a mates place in the Valley now for a few Monday arvo beers and watch some season highlights. Wanna join? We can put your shit on too”

“Fucken oath, as they say” says Ambrose.


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