Australia’s mens cricket side have been today advised to follow the lead of less-self-important Australian athletes and get a second job, that’s if they want to be on the same pay grade as Australia’s highest paid cricketer, Ellyse Perry.

The Australian mens cricketers will boycott an Australia A tour of South Africa unless Cricket Australia kicks into gear to resolve the current pay dispute.

The Australian Cricketers’ Association held an emergency meeting in Sydney on Sunday where they threatened to boycott the Australia A tour, scheduled to start on July 12.

Around 230 cricketers are unemployed after the pay deal between CA and the ACA expired on Friday.

Cricket Australia has come forward and said the eagerness of Australia’s professional femaler athletes is something that the men ought to take on board, if they want to be paid to play sport.

“Just do what Ellyse Perry does and get a second job, that’s if you want to be paid a decent wage”

“She doesn’t get nearly as much as you blokes do and she stills represents Australia with pride in both soccer and cricket”

However, the reference to Ellyse Perry by Cricket Australia has spawned another debate about why she hasn’t been selected to represent Australia at the highlest level in the interim.

Arguably Australia’s most gifted athlete, Ellyse Perry, has been left scratching her head after she has sensationally been left out of the Australian Men’s Cricket Side, despite being the highest-paid cricketer in Australia.

Perry, who is an international women’s representative in both Football and Cricket, has expressed her bemusement after not getting the nod before the likes of other, less talented, unpaid men.

“I was pretty shocked in all honesty”, said Perry

“I had spoken to a couple of the selectors and was pretty confident that I would make the squad. The Australia A boys  been messaging me non-stop about it.”

Ellyse Perry and her new fiance, Rugby great, Matt Toomua
Ellyse Perry and her new husband, Rugby great, Matt Toomua

Perry, a bowling all-rounder, has been a model of consistency for the Australian women’s cricket team which prompted questions about whether she has what it takes to play against the men.

A native of the Lower North Shore suburb of Wahroonga, she has averaged 36.03 with the bat and 24.01 with the ball over 64 contests in the Green and Gold.

If Perry had been selected she would have made history becoming the first women to represent their country in the men’s version of the game following in the footsteps of Michelle Wie in golf, Danica Patrick in NASCAR and Kelly Kulick in Ten-Pin Bowling.

Ten pin bowling revolutionary, Kelly Kulick reacts during the PBA Tournament of Champions on Sunday. Kulick made history as the first woman to win a PBA Tour title with a 265-195
Ten pin bowling revolutionary, Kelly Kulick reacts during the PBA Tournament of Champions on Sunday. Kulick made history as the first woman to win a PBA Tour title with a 265-195

“I’ve had enough, It’s an absolute joke” said Matt Toomua, Perry’s husband and Wallaby journeyman.

“She has proved herself at every level of the game, she has a better average then a vast majority (in the squad) and she is definitely quicker than some.” He said with reference to the Wallabies.

Perry's boyfriend, Matt Toomua is known for his temper and has not held back with his upset over her selection
Perry’s boyfriend, Matt Toomua is known for his temper and has not held back with his upset over her selection

Perry has had World Cup success before where she was one of the players of the Tournament when the Aussie Women were victorious in India in 2013.

“I know that I’m good enough to play at that level and my previous results show just how good I am at stepping up when it counts” exclaimed an understandably upset Perry.

“Why bother paying me more than the rest if I’m not getting a start”

Perry explained to us that she “totally understands” the selections of young gun all-rounders from the A side, but feels that she could not have done anymore to prove herself above other “borderline” players.

The Chairman of Selectors was contacted for comment but declined on either issue.


  1. Why should she be able to play for the mens team? does that mean Watson or even Smith can play for the womens team? Sometimes there are sports where the men only want to play against other men and women against other women. Think of the complications of the dressing room, she will be secluded from the other players because people want to change without the other sex watching them, plus the male players themselves will have to watch the language they say because she might call them out as sexist with some of the jokes. I believe the only way she will play with the men in a cricket game is if there is a mixed format of the game, leave the womens side and the mens side as they are.

    • There’s a difference to men playing for women and women playing for men, she wants to play up a level which is the men’s cricket, the men wouldn’t go and play down a grade to the women’s cricket would they??? She is better than Watson, he’s played shit cricket for ages.. It’s completely on a favourite pick and sexism straight up! Why would they want to mix a girl into the group? She could play better than the men, then what? All hell would break loose. Pathetic!

  2. This is fine – but if you want it one way you have to have it the other. If women play on men’s squads, men have to be allowed to play on female squads.

  3. I am a male not quite good enough to make the mens Australia team but I am good enough to make the female team. Why can’t I play with the girls? If you want true gender equality you need to eliminate the devision of male and female sport at all ages and levels and pick people purely on talent. I wonder how many women would prefer this?

  4. If she’s good enough she should be picked. It’s actually not the mens grade but its the top level of cricket which means you should pick the best players the country has to offer. If that includes a women then pick her to play…………..


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