The nation is currently reeling today, after being informed that the Collingwood Football Club has a culture of systemic racism.

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This comes after the independent report was leaked this morning, confirming that the club that called one of their more recent players ‘chimp’ has quite a racist culture.

The report found that there was engrained racism at a board level, as well as a leadership level – which comes a few years after club boss Eddie McGuire made ‘ape jokes’ on live radio.

Collingwood received the report a month ago, and McGuire stood down as president a few days later, bringing to an end a tenure that saw numerous instances of racism.

“Jesus,” who would have thought, said one of the 7 Victorian Football fans in our outback desert community.

“The club whose fans went beserk because its fans faced repercussion for blatant racism?”

“And whose playing and leadership ground referred to Heritier Lumumba as a chimp and then swept any complaints under the rug?”

“I’m shocked, I genuinely am. Almost as shocked as Eddie McGuire when he learned he can’t refer to an Indigenous man as King Kong.”


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