2 September, 2016. 11:34

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Following his now very public association with one-punch killer Keiran Loveridge, further revelations have come to light this morning about Andrew Fifita’s relationship with another notorious Australian criminal.

In another headache for the NRL, a source has confirmed that the Cronulla Sharks player visited Martin Bryant, Australia’s worst killer yesterday ahead of their game against Melbourne tonight.

Yesterday, Fifita was seen leaving Risdon Prison in Hobart, where it is alleged that he spent over an hour talking to Bryant, before returning to Melbourne for an afternoon training session.

In a further twist to the tale, The Advocate can reveal that the rugby league star has been sporting the phrase “F.M.B” on his wrist strapping, believed to stand for “Free Martin Bryant.”

Speaking to Fifita earlier this morning, he said that “Martin Bryant is one hundred percent innocent aye. Like, the government is responsible for what happened at Port Arthur. People need to start waking up. They are pulling the wool over our eyes.”

It is understood that Bryant was a long time pen pal of Bryant’s; who he maintains is unjustly imprisoned.

Fifita’s brother, David, claims that Andrew is always going on about 9/11 being an inside job. “I mean, I used to stir him up about it, but he actually goes nuts. It’s not worth saying anything anymore,” he said.

Fellow Sharks player, Michael Ennis explained that; “[Fifita] is literally always watching shit on Youtube about conspiracy theories. No one really pays much attention, he has been referring to us as ‘Sheeple’ a lot lately.”

Rugby League great Andrew Johns this morning criticised the NSW State of Origin representative saying “We all hang out with criminals, but fuck, you can’t go around dangling it in front of the media. It’s just stupid.”

The NRL Integrity Unit declined to go into the detail of the matter this morning, claiming that they will try and have a look into it next week. “Mate, we don’t really have time to look at it at the moment, we are honestly flat out. We will have a chat to him next week, and make it clear he can’t go visiting these blokes.”



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