NSW Police have confirmed that a husky New England man found himself lost in NSW bushland – after he was startled by a deer and had to be rescued by emergency services today.

The exhausted big unit was completely naked when he was eventually found in harsh national forest, and was fined $1000 for violating lockdown restrictions.

NSW Police chief Mick Fuller described the episode as “unbelievable” – eventually identifying man as Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Police were alerted around 6pm yesterday after the men had spent a crisp and sunny winter afternoon sunbathing in the tuscan plains of the Northern Tabelands

That call for help sparked an immediate search operation, involving police, the State Emergency Service, NSW Ambulance and Polair chopper.

Searchers soon found a 54-year-old man naked and hanging from a branch out of fear that he might get his old fella bitten off by another deer.

This news wraps up a big day of state revenue raising for the Nationals Leader, after being fined $200 dollars this morning for not wearing a mask inside an Armidale petrol station.

Joyce was again fined a further $1000 dollars after gatecrashing the NSW Premier’s press conference to declare himself the Prime Creator of this Earth.

Having already visited Sydney this afternoon, Joyce’s decision to then drive back to the New England for a bit of Tuesday afternoon naked sunbathing constituted a clear violation of the NSW lockdown orders.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was approached for comment about the $2200 worth of finds that Mr Joyce has racked up today, but asked us to go easy because he reckons the big fulla is gonna cop it from the missus when he finally gets home to announce the dent his put in the house hold budget.

Anti-Mask Barnaby is due to address these incidents and the bigger issue of government control at 8pm, in yet another deranged vertical Facebook video, like the one he recorded from the drivers seat of his Landcruiser outside the Armidale BP this morning.


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