As Sydney and its surroundings finish up another day of lockdown, residents of the region are hoping for better news in the coming days.

With the majority of the locked-down residents feeling constricted by not being able to leave their homes and suburbs unless, for essential reasons, plenty of eagle-eyed residents have been keeping an eye out to make sure people aren’t breaching health guidelines.

However, one group of people the city knows it doesn’t have to keep its eye on is the actual source of latest outbreak, the enclave of Bondi.

“I think we all know that we don’t have to worry about people leaving the Bondi Bubble,” laughed one Sydney resident Alexandria Roseberry, who has a friend in the insular suburb.

“The Bondi Bubble is its own little dome, my friend wouldn’t have been heading outside it in the next 10 or so days anyway,” said Roseberry.

“She looks content as anything just living in her parents 6 bedroom place, doing yoga, eating cheese, drinking wine and relaxing.”

“And with the boutique fitness and wellness studios closes and places like Totti’s, Porch and Parlour, and Ravs shut up it’s not like they have any reason to head out.”

“I hold no concerns whatsoever that she’s going to breach the stay at home order,” she laughed.

“If she wanted to go Byron she would have left before it all started, now it’s just all too inconvenient.”

“It’s the British and Irish construction workers who have to head to jobs outside the bubble I’d be more worried about.”


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