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The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has dropped the ball again and now the nation is anticipating Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will pick that ball up and run with it.

If Morrison is somehow able to dive on the lose pill, Australia are waiting for Albo to put the boot into him.

“The Prime Minister went on television yesterday and flat out lied,” said one city worker on the bus to town today.

Our reporter spent the morning commute with the man in the smoking section of the D45 trolley bus from Greens Road in Betoota Heights down the Hill to the Old City District.

“He said National Cabinet had come to the decision to make the AstroZucchini Boomer Remover available to young people, which is simply not true. In Scott’s own words, ‘It’s a bloody furphy, mate-cobber!'”

“Like what elso does Albo need? Is he hosting pressers and the media isn’t giving him airtime? What’s the go? Is he too busy being accosted over local issues by the fat yuppie whingers that have infested his Marrickville like ticks in a stray dog’s ear? Who the fuck knows,”

“Half the reason why this Government gets away with this type of shit is because the media and Opposition aren’t doing their job. Albo, mate, Scott’s on the ground. Boot him in the ribs or something. Christ on a pushbike.”

More to come.


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