The nation’s highest ranking anti-masker has today put forward an interesting suggestion to the Prime Minister.

Barnaby Joyce has suggested to an isolating Scott Morrison, that he should have a look at purchasing some of those light machines Pete Evans was going on about.

This comes after the Deputy Prime Minister in a system where politicians make the rules that everyone is supposed to follow, was fined $200 for failing to wear a mask at a petrol station in Armidale.

Now, the man who also said he didn’t give a shit about the spicy cough in Melbourne has proposed a bold new health initiative.

“Oi, Scotty, have you heard of this Pete Evans,” said Barnaby, trying to become another truther inside the PM’s circle.

“He reckons he’s got special whirly light machines that can cure this thing,” continued Anti-Mask Barnaby after reading some of Evans’ literature.

“Maybe it’s time to get a bunch of them and forget about these death jabs you lied to everyone about.”

“Here I’ll send you some independent research and some YouTube videos,” said the Deputy PM, seemingly deciding to actually tackle a big issue for once.

Given Mr Morrison’s close friendship with other nutjob theorists, it’s believed the PM said he’d consider the suggestion and do some reading.

“It will get you out of this situation where you promised to inject everyone months ago, and only have 4% of the population compliant to your agenda,” finished Joyce.

“Think about it and get back to me.”

More to come.


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