The man in charge of the country while the boss is away is today preparing a vicious piece to camera.

Barnaby Joyce, the returned Deputy Prime Minister of Australia is reportedly firing up for a selfie style video after being fined for not wearing a mask.

The Leader of the Nationals who is filling in for a quarantining Scott Morrison was hit with a 200 bill after being caught paying for fuel in Armidale without a mask on, a breach of NSW health protocols.

The fine was handed out at 8:00 am yesterday morning, as the man who is currently in charge of a nation dealing with crippling lockdowns and outbreaks decided the rules that apply to everyone else, don’t apply to him.

Anti-Mask Joyce told The Advocate that this latest encroachment on his life by the government has set him right off.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be giving the Government a piece of my mind. Watch out for a video on my social media,” explained the noted government hater who spends half the year in Parliament House.

“Besides, as plenty of people in the bush will tell ya. It doesn’t exist out here. Unless bloody city slickers bring it out in their luxury cars.”

It’s believed his latest angry video is going to be in a similar style to his Christmas holiday rant where he said we should leave climate change for god to deal with while attacking the government for being in his life.

His video will follow comments published yesterday where he said he didn’t give a shit about the spicy cough situation in Melbourne because coal exports were humming out of the bush, and ran the whole ‘thing is a bad flue argument.’

Anti-Mask Joyce refused to confirm whether he’d being do the video shirtless while driving, as is often the trend for this style of content.

Much more to come.


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