A frustrated man declaring himself to be God and the “prime creator of this Earth” has stormed today’s NSW Premier’s press conference with some questions for Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

The man approached Fuller and asked if he had received his cease and desist notice. Mr Fuller told the man “don’t come near me” before he was quickly escorted away. “Please notify the public, I am the prime creator of this Earth,” he said.

After arduous investigations by the NSW Police, the trespasser was later identified as Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who is apparently furious with the new state-wide social distancing restrictions that have been ordered following the outbreak of community transmissions in greater Sydney.

Earlier today it was reported by ABC North-West that Barnaby Joyce had been fined by NSW Police for failing to wear a mask, in breach of public health orders that were introduced by the Premier on Saturday.

Officers from New England Police District were called to a petrol station in Armidale after an anonymous snitch tipped them off about the Nationals leader not wearing a mask for the one minute that he was inside a local service station while paying for fuel.

Police confirmed that Mr Joyce was issued with a $200 fine at 8:00am on Monday.

Since then, Joyce has gone on a rampage in his war against Big Government, starting with a 15 minute vertical video rant to Facebook which he filmed from the driver’s seat of his Landcruiser.

Several hours later he was spotted arguing with Bunnings staff over his right to not wear a mask, in accordance with the 1984 Charter of Human Rights, as he began his descent into a full-blown anti-lockdown conspiracist.

As the day wore on, it seems Anti-Mask Barnaby decided to take his war with the oppressive state government all the way to NSW Parliament to crash a press conference and begin shouted deranged prophecies in full of view of the mainstream media.

“Have you received my cease and desist!!!” Barnaby was heard shouting at the Police Commissioner, before being ushered away.

“I am the Prime Creator of this Earth”

It has been determined that Mr Joyce left his home without a reasonable excuse and therefore in breach of the Public Health Order. He will be issued a $1000 Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) for his actions.

This means that since getting out of bed this morning, Barnaby Joyce has been fined almost half of his daily pay packet for violating social distancing measures.


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