Barnaby Joyce has reportedly caused a bit of a scene this afternoon, after a heated run-in with a Bunnings’ employee.

The Deputy Prime Minister who was fined for not wearing a mask at a petrol station in Armidale this week has raised eyebrows again, by giving a local retail employee a bit of a rundown on international human rights law.

The outburst was reportedly caused after a frontline worker asked the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia to please wear a mask in the store, as per the NSW health protocols – somthing which Anti-Mask Joyce was not happy about.

“Listen here champ, I don’t suppose you know your international law well, but let me tell you about a little something called the 1948 Charter Of Human Rights,” said a fired up Joyce a short time ago.

The piece of international law was first ratified last year, when a Melbourne Karen decided to inform some Bunnings employees of her rights under the Charter.

“Under that piece of international law, which Australia is a signatory too if you check Facebook, I am not obliged to wear a face-covering inside a retail store okay,” said Joyce this afternoon.

“So you, and this fascist government cannot force me to blindly fall in line like the other sheep, because I am aware of my rights,” explained the irate leader of the Nationals.

The lecture then continued on for some time before Joyce was forced to leave the store by police.

It’s not known if charges will be pressed, but it’s believed another $200 fine was handed out.

More to come.


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