Remember: The King and The Pawn Go Back In The Same Box

20 January, 2016 14:05


After her first taste of dating since breaking up with her fiancé of three years, Kylie Burns says finally being back in the game is a liberating feeling.

“It’s really good to get dressed up and meet other guys,”

“It’s been about four months since I broke up with Brendan, so I was pretty excited when Mark asked me to dinner,”

“Marks actually looks a bit like Brendan. He just laughed when I told him that,”

While, the couple initially met through a mutual friend, they have known each other for some time now. It was at a dinner party last weekend when they decided to ‘get a bite to eat’ together. Just the two of them.

The 29-year old paralegal has put on her best dress for tonight’s date. One that she believes spells new beginnings.

After several hours of general chit chat at a high-end restaurant of Kylie’s choosing, Mark says he isn’t entirely whether Kylie is actually single.

“Mate, I was telling a story about my niece, and all of a sudden she starts telling me about some of a pregnancy scare she had with her ex,”

“That rolled into a story about how she just heard about his new promotion and how he used to always put on heaps of weight over Christmas,”

“They were really obscure stories that just kept coming out of nowhere,”

“It’s quite intimidating, I have to say,”

With the date coming to a close, Mark has offered to walk the approximate two kilometres from the restaurant with Kylie, to make sure she gets home safe.

“It was so nice of him,” says Kylie.

“I told him I would have loved to invite him upstairs for a coffee, except I have to get up really early to have coffee with Brendan’s mum,”

“I guess I’ll wait for the next call!”




  1. Mark, you appear to be on an absolute winner here, don’t give up son, pursue her for all she’s worth. God knows she has to pay for the dinner somehow and to give up would be a disgrace.


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