13 April, 2016. 10:15


In a bizarre turn, a local man chose to stand immediately next to another man at a row of vacant urinals in Betoota this afternoon.

Identified only by the Sydney Roosters tattoo on his wrist, the culprit took up the position at the otherwise empty bank of amenities in a quiet suburban pub early hours yesterday afternoon.

The man on the receiving end was “Big” Mike Walker, a noted sneans wearer.

“It was just fucking confusing” he said.

“Who does that?”

Locals had not seen behaviour like this previously, according to pub regular, Cliff Cassidy.

“It’s a bit bloody worrying” he said.

“The last thing you need is one of these Sydney expats with their shandies and boat shoes walking about the place causing a scene,”

“I’ve been drinking here for 38 years and don’t even go for number two if another bloke’s already in there.. Let alone what this creep was did.

“He was obviously trying to be a bit chummy, but he should have saved it for the pool room,”

The stand of urinals provided accommodation for seven users and occurrences such as this were rare, particularly considering the high person-to-vacant-urinal ratio at the time of the incident.

The pub, which is known for its limited selection of domestic tap beers, has refused to comment.




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