Scotty From Marketing has defended traveling back and forth over the NSW border to get a chicken burger at one of Queanbeyan’s favourite local diners.

The Prime Minister’s decision to order the RAAF to fly him the 13 kilometres from the lodge to the NSW side of Canberra’s suburban fringe has also prompted backlash, in a country where millions of people have been unable to see loved ones or travel further than five kilometres for going on 4 months.

Speaking to Sky News, Scotty said he understood why people were frustrated, but said the voters need to understand that after three decades bouncing between underperforming government agencies in jobs that his mates had given him – he is afforded certain privileges that aren’t available to the plebs..

The outrage surrounding the PM’s decision to slug the tax payer another 100,000 dollars for his quick little trip to the chicken shophas only been magnified by the revelations that he ordered the ‘Tandoori Burger’.

“What the hell?!” said local Omar Hau.

“We all know double cajun is the best. It’s such a Scotty From Marketing move to order the Tandoori. I’m surprised he isn’t one of those weirdos that orders a beef patty burger at the chicken shop”

Morrison’s every move continues to be monitored closely by the Australian public, who are now acutely aware that their used car saleman PM can’t go longer than a couple weeks without some sort of self-indulgent little holiday.

The Australian jab roll-out remains one of the worst in the world, due to this same Prime Minister’s sheer incompetence. About 51 percent of the population has only had dose, below the 62 percent in the United States and 72 percent in Britain.

Today’s little trip to Queanbeyan has reminded Australians of the time that Scotty went on holiday to Hawaii while Australia suffered record bushfires.

It is his third interstate outing this week: with a trip to Sydney on the weekend to enjoy Fathers Day with his family – a little treat that 15 million other Australians were not afforded with closed borders. He was also reported to have visited Cable Beach last night with special exemptions to take part in the sunset camel rides


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