The good people working at the Twin Waters resort the NRL players are staying at have finally drawn a line in the sand today.

After a couple of months of housing a group of NRL clubs forced to relocate out of NSW, the resort’s manager has decided enough is enough.

“The music. I need a break. The staff need a break. We all just need a couple of hours of daylight peace and quiet,” explained the manager today.

The plea comes after the Panthers boys, lead by Brian To’o, Jarome Luai, and Stephen Crichton have reportedly kept the good vibes coming for the entirety of their stay on the Sunny Coast.

Speaking to the Panthers’ Cheif Energy Officers a short time ago, the resort manager asked if the boys could maybe turn the speaker off, just for a couple of hours.

“Bizza, Romey, just the arvo. No western Sydney drill,” she said, to the boys with popular Panthers winger Brian To’o pulling faces and pointing to Jarome Luai.

“Ideally no country or old school hits either,” she laughed.

“I know you boys are used to it, but when it’s not NRL season it’s just old Boomers meandering around and you can hear the ants crawling around.”

“So, we love having you here, and I’m enjoying the TikTok dances Bizza, but just a couple of hours without the speaker would be great if that’s alright.”

The Panthers Squad reportedly agreed to the request, promising to do their best.

More to come.


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