If you only get your news from that TV network and the major mastheads owned by Rupert Murdoch, then you might be not be aware that Scotty From Marketing has done it again.

It can be confirmed that Scott Morrison took an RAAF VIP jet to Sydney on Friday and spent a few nights in Kirribilli to celebrate Father’s Day with his family, before returning to Canberra yesterday. 

The Prime Minister has been met with severe backlash from voters who are now reminded of the time he went to Hawaii with his family in the middle of the black summer bushfires, or the time he spent a week wandering around the pubs and churches of ‘ancestral home’ of Cornwall while Australia was at the centre of the Delta outbreak with no jabs to roll-out.

However, aside from how tone deaf it was to indulge himself in a way that not one other Australian family separated by closed borders can right now – the PM is also under fire for how fucking expensive his little day trip was.

With the road closures, overtime pay, fuel, and sheer manpower required to pull together a VIP RAAF flight and subsequent convoy to and from the airports – it’s estimated that Morrison’s little jaunt would have cost the tax payer well over $100,000 each way from Canberra to Sydney. A trip that is roughly 3 hours in a car.

Here are 9 other ways he could have done it.

  1. 1. The Old MURRAYS coach (roughly 45 bucks. Probably around $500 if he wanted the bus to himself)

2. The Commonwealth car (net zero cost, considering the taxpayers have his driver on a salary)

3. In Angus Taylor’s car ($50 on petrol and snacks, with an overnight stay in the Energy Minister’s part time residence in his part-time electorate, before he takes him back to the North Shore where 50% of the Liberal Party actually calls home)

4. REX airlines ($285 – bit of a bumpy flight. Although an elite career politician like Scotty would view REX as ‘below him’ unfortunately)

5. Virgin Airlines (from $315 – likely an empty flight as well because literally no one else in the country is allowed to travel to and from Sydney simply because it’s Father’s Day)

6. QANTAS (Definitely free. Given the generous tax-payer funded bail-outs that Scotty has gifted to Alan Joyce)

7. His own car (Zero cost. And probably how you’d expect a public servant would get to and from his own home while off the clock)


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