In revelations that have left plenty around the nation shaking their heads in disbelief, it’s emerged that the Prime Minister has once again tried to sneak in a secret little family holiday without the nation knowing.

Somehow learning nothing from his previous covert travel plans, Scotty from Marketing is facing questions this morning about why he thought it was appropriate to head back to Sydney from Canberra for the weekend, without letting anyone know.

It’s been confirmed today that Scotty took an RAAF VIP jet to Sydney on Friday and spent several days in his home city, including Father’s Day, before landing back in the Bush Capital yesterday. 

The hush-hush little trip while hundreds of thousands of Aussies remain unable to see loved family members, cross borders, or go on holidays has the nation asking, how does this bloke still think he can get away with this shit.

Scotty’s pulling of strings to take a special taxpayer-funded flight in the middle of a pandemic follows his infamous secret trip to Hawaii during the middle of historic bushfires, his week-long beach holiday in the middle of last year’s second wave, and a trip around the UK a few months ago to do some family history research and catch up with long lost relatives.

The Bloke In Chief is yet to respond to questions as to why it’s appropriate for him to skirt public health regulations that apply to the rest of the nation, while millions struggle through another lengthy lockdown, unable to see loved ones in their homes, hospitals, and aged care facilities.

However given the lack of accountability in politics over the last few years and the rapidly moving news cycle in regards to this virus that’s crippled the country, it is unknown whether he’ll even bother addressing this latest example of blatant double standards used by the political class.

More to come.


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