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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has handed our current PM another valuable lesson today.

With Scotty doing his best to avoid any accountability or repercussions for his bungled jab roll out, Kev has decided to put his thumb-twiddling to good use and give him some driving lessons.

“Come on, we are going down the Showgrounds,” said Grandpa Kev a short time ago.

“You are not going to just mope around the house all day. If you’re not doing your chores then we’re off for some lessons. It’s about time you learnt how to steer properly.”

The impromptu tutorial comes a couple of weeks after Kevin Rudd assumed the grandfather duties of the nation by making some calls to try and sort out some jabs for the nation.

After initially lending a hand in an effort to stop millions of people’s lives from being impacted by this virus, the burly Queenslander has since taken up a permanent residence with Scotty.

It’s not know how long the residence will last, but given we are still only at 13% of the population double jabbed because of one of the biggest bed shits ever seen by a federal government, it’s believed it may last for quite some time.

However, while it’s drawn huffs from Scotty, it’s widely recognised that the mentorship is for his own good.

“Wooooo, easy on the brakes big fella,” said Kev.

“Jesus Christ.”

“Don’t just jam your foot at the last minute like that, you’ll throw my fucking back out,” said the frustrated grandfather figure taking Scotty around the empty showground.

“Don’t sook”

“Come on, you’ll be right. Hope out and I’ll take us to the Kmart car park and we practice some parking.”

More to come.


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