As the pandemic refuses to fuck off, the culture wars continue to rage in the leatherbound home offices of Australia’s most elite inner-city commentators.

A majority of the nation is currently unable to work and stuck in lockdown, a situation that has been caused by extremely incompetent governments at both state and federal levels.

However, according to some of Australia’s most treasured boomer philosophers, it’s not the fault of the government or the virus that we find ourselves in this predicament. It’s because of ‘the tribalism’ caused by the health experts working tirelessly to get us out of this mess.

As NewsCorp quietly scrubs all their websites of any trace of Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones spreading misinformation about how ‘masks and lockdowns don’t work’ for the last 18 months, it seems that even the darlings of the left are entertaining the idea of not listening to the uppity women wearing lab coats that they see on TV.

One of Australia’s most gentle champions of free-thought and pleasant middle class delightfulness has unfortunately gone down this path, breaking the hearts of mums around the country.

While far more popular in that era when people gave a fuck about about what cartoonists had to say, Michael Leunig is an Australian illustrater, poet, artist, philosopher and cultural columnist – who rose to fame in the major newspapers with his cartoons about this funny old thing called life.

Despite his borderlining nihilism and unbridled inner-city entitlement, Leunig has managed to stay relevant enough to still be pointed to as a cultural reference in 2021.

However, he’s come a long way from his anti-war activisim. Nowadays his cartoons mostly focus around the same identity politics talking points that are trotting out by his former enemies of Sky News.

The pandemic has not been very pleasant for those who once loved Leunig’s cartoons about love and family.

One of those people is local Betoota Heights mother and grandmother Debbie Condamine, who cracked the shits earlier today.

“Oh for fucks sake” says Debbie, after opening an email from one of her purple-haired sisters living in the Northern Rivers.

“Look at the shit this old stoner is pulling out of his arse. He’s no different to Alan fucking Jones nowadays”

As Debbie points out, she’s struggling to understand how a man who has made millions of dollars drawing goofy cartoons can somehow convince himself that he’s being oppressed by medical experts begging him to stay indoors and get immunised to save the lives of other people.

“I’m gonna get my funny little cartoons from the mintie wrappers instead” she scowls.

“Shut the fuck up Leunig!”


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