The nation’s treasurer has today issued some sage advice to anyone struggling financially because of these latest spicy cough outbreaks. 

Fronting the media this morning, Josh Frydenberg explained that if you are battling to make ends meet, or waiting on pandemic payments, then there’s an easy solution – the trusty Amex. 

“Look, as a battler in inner-city Melbourne on a six-figure salary, I get it,” he said. 

“It’s tough at the moment, but if you are feeling the pinch just whip the credit card out and lump whatever you need on that,” said the Treasurer. 

“You’ll then have a month to pay it back and if you can’t they’ll only sting you for about 20% interest,”  he laughed. 

The man in charge of the nation’s finances explained that like the ads on tv show us, these big banks care, by gauging us for interest and fees. 

“That’s what credit cards are for,” explained Kooyong Josh.

“And they won’t ruin your credit history like those Buy Now Pay Later scams,” he lied. 

“Besides, the billions of dollars the banks make on credit card debt keeps our flawed economy rolling around.”

“And will be paying my wages when I inevitably transition from politics to the corporate sector.” 

“So get the plastic loan shark out and lump it on there haha.” 

“Ignore the fact there’s a Smart Way To Pay for things, and just keep using your credit card to make the big banks money.” 

Frydenberg’s comments come as countless Australian’s who don’t have the luxury of reliable incomes and working from home scramble to get their disaster payments sorted. 

“It’s not that hard really, there are ways and means around these kinds of things if you want to have a go.” 

“But the best way is to ensure our big banks keep making money, because that’s what keeps guys like me in a job.” 


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