A Betoota Heights man has shocked his friendship group today, by referencing some niche Chinese astrology in a conversation.

Enjoying a wildly tangential shit-talking session about all manner of things down at a mate’s place, Will McRay apparently started banging on about Chinese Zodiacs.

“It’s the year of the Eel my friends,” he proclaimed boldly, presumably referencing some unknown rural Chinese lunar calendar that no one was aware of.

“I’m telling you, it is. The stars are aligning,” he continued to the bemusement of his friends.

Chiming in from picking a couple of mid strengths out of the esky, one of his mates began trying to deduce where this random knowledge was coming from.

“Been reading a bit of astrology stuff aye big fella?”

A confused McRay then shot back some blank looks.

“We talking zodiac stuff,” chirped another one of his mates.

“Like Chinese Year of The Rat stuff,” laughed another.

Realising what was happening, the McRay reportedly rolled out an exaggerated fake laugh, before trying to claim that he would be the one laughing in October – as if for some weird reason the Parramatta Eels Rugby League team would be playing in an NRL Grand Final.

“Yeah real funny, but you are fucking stupid if you don’t think that the team we’ve got aren’t going to be contenders,” he spat.

“Great spine, massive pack, good backs.”

“This is our year, legit,” he continued as if the clock had spun forward and we were in the 22nd century.

“This is our year,” he finished, seemingly trying to convince himself.

More to come.


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