Off the back of last week’s major upset with a 38-point loss to Hawthorn at the SCG, The Sydney Swans are once again doing some soul searching.

While a five-match losing streak isn’t that terrifying when compared to the other absolute losers in the competition this year, the blood-soaked angels are still taking the time to focus on cultivating a winning culture.

Last weekend’s loss cost the Swans the chance to move into the top four.

It was a disappointing result, especially given the fact that the match was played in front of packed home ground of their most loyal fans.

Their ‘most loyal fans’ meaning Sydney’s dispossessed former rugby union fans who are too proud to support an NRL side unless the Sydney Roosters are almost guaranteed for a premiership.

According to a recent survey by the Australian Institute of Sport, the Sydney Swans fanbase is made up solely of either leathery old codgers in the pubs of South Melbourne – and north Bondi tech millionaires.

The former being the old alcoholics who supported the club back before it got relocated north – when it was known as the ‘South Melbourne Bloods’

And the latter being those kind of puffer jacket white millennials who invented some sort of mindless delivery app and need to have a ‘thing’ they do on weekends so that their investors believe that they are humans.

Between those two demographics of Swans supporters sit ex-North Sydney Bears fans who changed codes after their club got booted from the NRL, and Hugo Weaving.

Coaching staff and the players say they are sorry for this dry patch, and will endeavour to change things around.

The Swans are currently placed 6th on the ladder ahead of round 14.


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