Queensland assistant coach Johnathan Thurston has today put the Maroons squad through a unique series of drills, in his first ever solo session with the boys.

The Townsville icon was on familiar turf at today’s captain’s run in CountryBank stadium.

However, it was after smoko that the real training began, as he lined the squad up outside the notorious Mad Cow hotel on The Strand.

“Gentlemen…” began Thurston, as he rallied the troops.

“It’s gonna be a tough match of football on Wednesday night”

“So today we are gonna test your toughness….”

“In the back bar of the pub behind sits close to 30 servicemen who have been drinking rum since midday”

The squad stood in silence as the Maroons great began detailing his unconventional conditioning drill.

“I want you boys to split up into groups of three”

“I’m gonna go in there with and hurl an empty schooner across the bar with the aim of knocking over all their drinks. Each group of you will run in there and continue to to wind them up with vitriolic comments about AJs being soft”

“The first part of this drill will focus on finding holes in the defence, literally. I don’t wanna see one of you get taken to ground”

Cameron Munster, Harry Grant, and AJ Brimson were the first cabs off the rank, putting to rest the Maroons camp’s conspiracies that the three of them had injury question marks next to their names ahead of Wednesday night’s showdown.

“Alright boys. It’s game time!” shouted Thurston as he kicked open the door and rocketed a schooner across the venue.

With precision aim, close to 15 rum and cokes were spilt at the back of the venue. Thurston came out to meet the boys.

“Munster, Harry, AJ…. GO!!!!!”

The Maroons most promising trio of white boys then ran inside the venue and sprinted at the wall of sleeve tattoos and Peaky Blinder haircuts.

At time of press, half of the Maroons squad had danced with the weary mob of Army boys, causing up to $40,000 worth of damage to hotel in the space of 13 minutes.

“Ok, now we are gonna focus on tackling!” shouted Thurston.

“Fifita, Big Country, Welshy… You’re up. There’s no high shot rules inside the Cow!!!”

“Imagine they’re all wearing Blue!!!”


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