The AFL is reportedly scratching its head today after a former player they left to fend for himself at the hands of their racist fans decided to turn down an invitation to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Nearly 6 years after the AFL allowed two time Brownlow medalist Adam Goodes to booed out of the game, the Swans great has politely turned down a request to be admitted into the HOF at one of those annual ceremonies.

Goodes, a dual premiership winner reportedly asked the AFL not to detail his reasons, and not to publicly announce his decision in an effort not to detract from the other 2021 inductees, once again handling the situation as graciously as he can.

The rejection of the honour offered to him by the game that allowed their racist fans to boo him every single time he touched the ball for years has come as a shock to some power-brokers, who can’t see why he may not want to front up after everything that happened.

“Weird,” said some generic white double barrelled surname Melbourne man in the board room of the AFL today.

“It’s almost as though hundreds of thousands of people constantly abusing him while the majority of the spokespeople in the media stood by and watched on has caused some fair resentment.”

“We said sorry a couple of years ago though,” continued the AFL powerbroker about the apology that came 4 years after Goodes’ retirement and had nothing to do with the two damning documentaries coming out about the racist sporting saga.

“Maybe next year”


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