The ambulance chasers of NRL journalism have today announced the completely unexpected and never before mentioned retirement of Kangaroo, NSW Blues and Sydney Roosters legend Boyd Cordner – who has pulled the pin on his NRL career because of repeated concussions, just like he said he probably would.

“I have to put my health and my happiness first” Cordner told the media, after consulting multiple medical experts about the long-term consequences that can come from the amount of head knocks he has received throughout his career.

Cordner thanked his partner Gemma and his coach Trent Robinson for their support, as he made the SHOCKING announcement that everyone had kind of been expecting since we first heard about the trouble he’d been having with this particular type of injury that the game is finally taking seriously.

The 29-year-old has not played a game since his last on-field head knock during game one of the 2020 State of Origin series.

Cordner has not played a game since then, as the club handed over the future of his career to doctors who specialise in concussion.

The Sydney Roosters had been hopeful for a round 14 NRL return for their skipper, but he did not return the field on Saturday.

Today’s announcement has confirmed the unfortunate news that the medical experts have suggested he retire, which he will now do, like his former co-captain Jake Friend, who also retired this year because of concussion issues.

FOX Sports journalists still CANNOT BELIEVE this unexpected turn of events, just like how they couldn’t believe that the supreme pontiff of the Vatican identifies as a Catholic.


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