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Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced this morning that the Biloela Tamil family will be reunited in Perth today after Australian-born toddler Tharnicaa was medevaced to a mainland hospital last week.

The decision comes after a largely disappointing episode of Four Corners aired last night that showcased links Prime Minister Scott Morrison has with ‘dangerous’ online group, QAnon.

Fallout from the short documentary could’ve been damaging to the government so in an effort to minimise it, Minister Hawke told reporters today in Canberra that his government is one of mercy.

“We thought it was time the Murugappan family were reunited in Australia,” he said.

“The cruel policy created by Kevin Rudd, to never settle people in Australia who come via boat, has hurt so many people and caused so much harm. Scott Morrison phoned me from England last night and cried,”

“He said he spoke to Jenny, who said he needed to see this as a father. What would Scott do? Scott would show compassion and kindness. Scott said it was the will of God, father of Christ, to bring this family together and he is working through the Prime Minister,”

“Today, the Australian Government is doing God’s work by reuniting this family.”

When asked about Four Corners, Minister Hawke explained that he doesn’t subscribe to such negative journalism and he and the Morrison government are just working towards defeating this virus and reuniting families.

More to come.


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