To the dismay of middle and upper-class dads around the nation, sports and politics have once again been mixed up today.

This comes with Prime Minister Scott Morrison essentially pouring a bit of red bull into some milk, and calling the nation’s rugby coach a Kiwi sleeper cell.

The strong accusation comes after a bit few days of Morrison and his Defence Minister Peter Dutton going hard on the National Security rhetoric by attempting to smear the Labor Party as being under the direct influence of the Chinese government.

The persistent efforts to insinuate that the Labor Party will be a puppet for the Chinese Government have been slammed by the boss of ASIO, who has asked the government to stop politicising national security.

The ASIO boss said attempting to amplify social divisions was playing into China’s hands and made the nation more susceptible to foreign interference in the future.

However, those words have been ignored by a Prime Minister who will seemingly do anything he can to hang on to his position of power.

Morrison has this afternoon labeled Wallabies coach Dave Rennie a ‘sleeper cell’ who is trying to undermine our national security through substandard performances on the rugby pitch.

“He’s the perfect puppet for the global All Black agenda, Mr Speaker,” said a fired-up Morrison in parliament this afternoon.

“The All Blacks will stop at nothing to maintain global dominance on the rugby pitch”

“And Mr Speaker, our national coach is just a pawn in their game”

“Which the Labor Party is directly implicit in Mr. Speaker,” he bellowed to a chorus of cheers from behind him.

“They’ve been cuddling up to the New Zealand Rugby Union for the last few years, and the New Zealand Rugby Union are doing everything they can to install a puppet Labor government in this country.”

“It’s a disgrace”

“It’s treason,” finished the Prime Minister to a chorus of cheers.

It’s believed the confused leader of the Labor Party Anthony Albanese was frantically trying to figure out who the All Blacks were before offering up some response.

More to come.


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