BRING BACK THE AFRICAN GANGS! The Victorian Liberals are well and truly behaving like a Liberal Party this week.

This comes as outspoken factional MPs Matthew Guy and Tim Smith resign from the Shadow Cabinet ahead of a likely challenge to the leadership of Michael O’Brien.

After well over 200 days in lockdown, certain powerbrokers within the Victorian Opposition are furious that Premier Dan Andrews is still looking good for a re-election in 2022.

It seems the organised and calculated smear campaigns by both the opposition and their allies at the Herald Sun and Sky News have done little to convince Victorian voters that a limping Liberal Party would be a better option than the current government.

This is heartbreaking for the more right-wing reactionaries in the Victorian Libs, who have lost confidence in their current leader because he refuses to join them in relentlessly undermining public health orders and post memes that compare Andrews to a communist Chinese dictator – a political strategy that both Guy and Smith seem to think is the only way to win votes.

There has been whispers that Matthew Guy is planning a return to the leadership for months, but party insiders say he is now confident that he has the numbers and will make his move tomorrow.

A spokesperson from Mr O’Brien’s office have stated that the leader will not be stepping down because he believes he has the support of the majority.

However, it cannot be denied that the Victorian Liberals are currently divided over which soft-handed little fortunate son should take the reins of the party and lead them into next year’s humiliating election loss.

Should it be Matthew Guy, the thin-skinned little Christian who thinks wind farms cause cancer? Or is it going to be Tim Smith MP – the toffy loudmouth heir to a bakery empire who thinks that this virus is bullshit and blames bong-smoking immigrants for it spreading to begin with?

Or will Sleepy Michael, the charisma vacuum from Toorak, keep the job?

Regardless of who it is, one thing that is for certain is the Liberals will still get spanked in a landslide loss to perhaps the most compromised Labor Government in living memory.


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