The same Prime Minister who chose to dismiss 49 of the 55 Respect-At-Work recommendations has today conceded that maybe there is a few women that don’t feel safe in our community.

Scotty From Marketing has made the brave decision to upset a large majority of his Fundamentalist Christian colleagues by admitting that Australia “has a problem” with the way it treats women.

Taking to the stage to open the two-day National Summit on Women’s Safety, Scotty described what he believes a worrying culture that not only excuses and justifies gender inequality but ultimately leads to violence against women. But don’t worry he’s got a plan to stop it!

Starting with his government’s decision to abolish the family courts last week, a 50-year-old court of record aimed at protecting families from domestic violence.

Effective from Wednesday last week, the Morrison introduced legislation merging the Family Court with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. This was a decision aimed at keeping the growing Mens Rights Activists happy, and was introduced to Parliament after both of Pauline Hanson’s sons experienced a couple bumpy divorces.

However, despite abolishing the leading institution aimed at protecting women and children from domestic violence, Morrison has promised to be “open-minded and ambitious” as the government develops the next national plan to stop this kind of stuff.

“Right now, too many Australian women do not feel safe, and too often, they are not safe and that is not okay.” he said, while somehow highlighting the difference between feeling unsafe and being unsafe, as though a lot of this could just be in the heads of hysterical women.

“There is still an attitude, a culture that excuses and justifies, ignores or condones gender inequality that drives ultimately violence against women, and that is on all of us.”

The Prime Minister didn’t make mention of the alleged incidents that have happened within his own workplace, or his close allies who are themselves accused of perpetrating violent assaults on women, but he did read out some confidential letters that were sent to him by survivors.


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