Australia’s bottom drawer of journalism has today been gifted a scoop that may keep them alive for another year at least.

It is being reported that 11:02am this morning, early-2000s power couple Bec and Lleyton Hewitt were spotted at the Lidcombe Costco in Sydney’s western suburbs.

This confirmed sighting of the retired tennis player and his former soap star wife has breathed air into that weird industry of tabloid magazines, who, when you think about it, were allowed to just print made up shit about celebrities without any repercussions well before Facebook’s ‘fake news’ phenomena.

With the newsagents magazine racks now competing with the daily drama of Instagram influencer spats and trashy reality TV dramas, it is believed that the sighting

After a clunky transition to online media, the nation’s tabloid magazines still rely heavily on printed magazines with made up stories about Australian celebrities who were famous before the invention of the internet.

Alongside the Daddo brothers, Kate Richie, Delta, and Shane Warne – Lleyton and Bec represent the most lucrative era for these magazines.

That’s why today’s sighting has been such a big moment for the dwindling tabloid newsrooms around the country.

Colloquially dubbed as ‘Australia’s Royal Family’ – Lleyton and Bec were tormented by paparazzi and bullshit artists in the early years of their marriage. It was a brutal obsession that led them to take their family overseas for some years until the gossip mags cooled off. Their return to Sydney has been discreet, and the family is rarely seen outside of their heavily guarded compound in the Hills District.

However, today’s confirmed sighting of the young family at a shopping has sent the tabloids into overdrive.

It is the first time Lleyton and Bec have been spotted in the wild since the 2014 Melbourne Cup.

It is not yet known how That’s Life and Woman’s Day are going to be able to spin a day trip to a bulk-buy supermarket into a divorce scandal, but sources close a psychic who monitors Bec’s vibes from a distance says she appears restless in the relationship – and worries that Lleyton is gonna take the kids!!!


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