Sydney builder, Jayce Dugan, has today backed his luxury work vehicle on to his Malabar jobsite with one last bit of essential work for the boys to get through before they call it a week.

“Oi boys” he says, before doing that side-of-the-mouth whistle that your boss does before accusing you of bludging.



After a brief hiatus from all construction work earlier in the lockdown, new rules were rushed last month by the NSW Government to keep Sydney going up.

Tradies from Sydney’s eight locked-down local government areas, which is also home to most of them, must be now be vaccinated to work.

Site capacity has been limited to 50 per cent, but the show does go on, with the boys on site now well and truly considered essential workers.

Which is why Jayce has his crew working overtime tonight, as they scramble to get as much done as possible, before they return home to lockdown with their families.

“Got some scrap metal in the tray” says Jayce.

“Need you to help me get rid of it ha ha ha ha”

His employees appear confused, but overly optimistic, because even another 6 hour digging holes would be better than the brutal purgatory of being locked down at home.

“Wait what?” says the apprentice, Chenny.

“Where’s the scrap metal?”

“All I see is 72 refrigerated cans of New South Wales pilsner”

“There’s nothing else in the tray”

The rest of the team begin laughing, as they beat the apprentice to the punch. The boss has rationed out 12 cans per employee. And they are probably gonna finish the fucken lot before home time.

Jayce throws Chenny the keys.

Park it behind the scaff shade cloth” he says.

“Turn Triple M up and put on the spotties. The neighbours will think we are going late””


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