Family members of the Clurrey household are bracing for impact this dinner time as dad Pat Clurrey flips a tea towel over his shoulder to make it clear he’s taking this one seriously.

According to Clurrey’s wife and children, his involvement in the kitchen is usually reserved to looking for chips and asking when dinner will be ready, so the fact that he has two burners on the go, something crackling in the oven and a very chefy tea towel flung over his shoulder suggests that he is serious about dinner tonight.

Upon seeing the tea towel draped over his shoulder like a Michelin Star chef, the Clurrey family tuned in to see if dad would pull together a masterpiece or is just playing chef after binging a bit too much Kitchen Nightmares.

“Just a bit special tonight guys,” stated Clurrey as he emphatically flipped the tea towel back over his right shoulder.

“Hope you ordered an absolute storm, because that’s what I’m cooking up!”

At the time of writing it is believed Clurrey is making the standard roast chook he cooks up whenever mum isn’t around to cook but insists is special because he made it.


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