Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing is reportedly loving this never-ending Sydney lockdown, because it gives him an excuse to avoid his two best mates.

This comes after the news that the PM’s close personal confidante and the founder of the Hillsong Church Brian Houston has been charged with concealing evidence related to the alleged child sex crimes committed by his father and fellow co-founder, Frank Houston, in the 1970s.

Brian Houston was officially charged on Friday following a two-year investigation into allegations that he had failed to report his father’s alleged abuse of a young male in the 1970s. He had recently left the country to travel to Mexico with full permission from the Morrison Government. Kind of suspicious timing when you think about it, and yet another frustrating hurdle for the NSW police to have to deal with.

However, it’s great news for Scotty From Marketing. Not just because one of his best friends was able to avoid being locked up on remand, further sullying the reputation of a Federal Government stacked with happy clappers.

Scotty is cheering because it means he’s even less likely to find himself at the same barbecue as Brian and his other best mate, Timmy.

A longtime family friend of the Morrison family, Cronulla local Tim Stewart was identified by ABC’s Four Corners as one of the leading conspiracists behind the Australian chapter of QAnon.

The Four Corners program revealed that Stewart had posted photos on social media from Kirribilli House in January 2019, claiming that he was housesitting the prime minister’s official residence in Sydney.

The program also questioned why Morrison had used the term “ritual sexual abuse” in his apology to survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, revealing messages reportedly sent by Stewart referring to his attempts to get the words “ritual abuse” into the apology – a term commonly associated with the extremist movement.

The QAnon conspiracy purports that powerful forces are hiding and protecting satanic paedophile rings and that a secretive individual named Q leaves clues for his followers to decipher on internet forums.

With one best mate constantly on the look out for anything that resembles a secret high-society child sex cult – and another mate who has just been charged by the NSW police for concealing evidence related to a child sex crimes perpetrated by powerful people within his secret cult – it seems that Scotty’s social circle is starting to implode.

The far-right QAnon’s obsession with powerful people committing child sex crimes has surprisingly never pointed the finger at Australian Christianity before, despite the government’s 4-year-long Royal Commission into that very topic, which revealed that over 20% of Australian Christian clergymen were either perpertrators or protectors of Child sex crimes.

It is not confirmed, but many political analysts are suggesting that Scott Morrison might be purposely sabotaging his bungled jab roll-out so that he doesn’t have to be in the same room as Tim and Brian until well after Christmas.


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