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The nation’s politicians have ushered in a brand new week in trademark style today.

With two major cities and large regions in lockdown, the people elected to lead the country have fronted the media to spout the same old shit as last week, and the week before, and the week before.

“Go out and get your jab,” is the message coming from the likes of our Prime Minister and his state counterparts this week, as they insist on pretending like they don’t know how fucken hard that can be.

“Just pop up the road, and grab your jab, whenever you can,” said the Premier of NSW, as if it’s not a complex logistical test to even book yourself in for the jab.

“That’s the key to beating this thing, is people going out there and getting jabbed up,” said the Premier who should just call out the Prime Minister instead of gas-lighting her state into thinking they’ve been a bit slow on the trigger.

“Just check which subcategory you, or someone you live with is in, then try and find a way to book into one of our mass hubs, that should have plenty of spots available.”

“If they don’t, well you were too slow”

These comments come after months of contradictory health messaging from all levels of politics, with people like Queensland’s previous Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young (whose husband used to work for Pfizer) relentlessly coming out and trying to scare people young people out of getting the AZ jab.

To add to the messaging that was as clear as hungover piss, the fact there’s been nowhere near enough to jabs to actually get around has also seemingly been ignored by our leaders.

“Just go and get jabbed okay. Even if you haven’t been able to, and still can’t find someone giving out AZ to young people, just go and get jabbed,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt today.

“Because we can’t move forward as a nation until you young people sort this thing out.”


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