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The Sydney Sneeze has jumped the fence and is now coursing through the veins and arteries of regional NSW, which had their fancy Michelle Pfieffer jabs stolen by the government to give to Year 12 students in the 8 LGAs in Sydney that have gone to shit.

In response to that, people from affected communities in the NSW North-West such as Armidale and Tamworth say that they’ve been dealt a critical blow.

“The only person 60 who’s fully vaccinated with the Pfieffer rich man’s jab in Barnaby Joyce,” said one Tamworth primary producer.

After our reporter explained that Mr Joyce is only 54, the farmer raised his eyebrows and nodded pensively.

“Jesus wept. Anyway, I reckon it’s pretty bloody ordinary that they’ve done this, this bloody government. They haven’t just taken the jabs away from the farmers and graziers, they’ve also taken it away from the blockies and even the fucken townies!”

“Some of these townies here in the north-west are eating moss off the stone they’re that broke. Christ knows what this bloody city flu would do to them. I just think it’s grotesque. We have vulnerable communities out there and that bloody John Barilaro, the fucken human doormat, just let Gladys do it. What’s he fucken there for? Isn’t he supposed to be our man on Macquarie Street?”

“You might as well drown a pigeon in a truck stop toilet, wait 3 or 4 minutes then bring it back to life with a few breaths and chest compressions. It’d have the same fucking mental capacity as any in this fucking state government. It’s got me fucked how they haven’t done their arse yet. The mind boggles.”

Before he got sidetracked talking about how much he despises senior public servants, the Tamworth farmer explained that his son is the brains behind a push for people in Western Sydney to “Thank A Farmer For Your Next Pfizer” for giving them food – and protection from a super flu that might turn their Nan’s lungs inside out.

“He’s made a website and everything, go take a look at it. Can you share the link? Just do like a click here or something,” he said.

“Anyway, it’s a waste of fucking time if you ask me. I ask him to come help me stand a fence up and he tells me he’s fucken busy doing some online shit. The fucken hide on the little prick. He’s his mother’s son, I’ll tell you what.”

More to come.


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