This month’s release of the (technically) 9th Fast and The Furious film has timed perfectly with the new fashion trend that has resulted in Australian hipsters dressing exactly like Dominic Toretto.

While adlays and elderly ethnic men have been rocking the over-the-shirt gold and silver chains for decades, the style has slowly infiltrated hip youth fashion.

In the trendy industrial outskirts around Australia, both men and women are rocking necklaces on the outside of black t-shirts, tank tops, singlets and long sleeve shirts with unbuttoned over-shirts on top of that.

It is not yet known what inspired the nation’s trendies to begin dressing like the patriarch of the the Fast & The Furious family.

Dominic is an elite street racer and auto mechanic, is known as a man with a strong moral code who puts nothing above FAMILY and RESPECT.

As the protagonist of the entire franchise, Toretto’s journey has been one that most of today’s hipsters would have followed their entire lives, considering the first film came out exactly 20 years ago.

The story begins with Dominic as a career criminal who robs trucks to support his family, hewas was banned from the professional racing circuit and instead had to ply his trade in illegal street racing – before eventually delving into black opps heists aimed at taking down foreign governments and financial institutions with with jets and rocket launchers.

From the start he has always been known to wear a black tank top with a crucifix on a chain.

While today’s hipsters might not openly associate themselves with one of the most riveting characters in action film history, there is no denying the influence that this Fast movies have played in their fashion sense.

The recent return of the baggy jeans and the “Letty Ortiz” sunglasses have only confirmed this.



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