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A young fella who’s just moved to town has shared a picture of his pub dinner to social media like washing a supreme chicken parmigiana with a rum stubbie is an activity you might want to broadcast to other people.

“Dinner = sorted,” captioned Jackson Splice, an 18-year-old student and casual gardener.

“$12 dinner and $5 rum stubbies? Ah yes please.”

Speaking to The Advocate this afternoon, Jackson said last night’s dinner is still snaking its way through his body.

“Some people sent me DMs asking if I was OK and everything?” he said.

“Does it look like the black dog is nipping at my heels? I’m living large. I just got paid,”

“That feed was sick, but. It’d kill a Bee Gee, though. You know how like half of them died from twisted bowels? Yeah, you wouldn’t be want to be eating one of these bastards. That much going through your guts. I don’t reckon I’ll have a Derryn [bowel movement] until Friday. But yeah, nah. My sister told me that it was fucked that I’d put something like that on my social media, like it’s something I shouldn’t be showing anyone. A solo pub meal and six rum stubbies. I worked all weekend.”

The Advocate reached out to the Bee Gees’ management for comment on the suggestion that a deluxe parmigiana would be enough to kill one of them but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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