NO OFFENCE BUT HAHA: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has once again gone rogue while travelling internationally without his media advisors in tow.

Following a completely pointless trip to the G7 Summit in Cornwall, the PM visited Windsor Castle to see the Queen for a single cup of tea that meant more to him than anything else happening in the UK this week.

However, the Australian monarchist community are extremely disappointed with the Prime Minister’s actions after the BBC reported that Scotty From Marketing was thinking out loud again.

During an exchange with Queen Elizabeth II, it became clear that Morrison’s interest in the royal family is purely a branding exercise to help him lure voters in the hair salons of suburban Australia.

The PM is now facing backlash for not treating his visit to Windsor as seriously as his predecessors have done before him.

“So you were down there but I didn’t see you, in Cornwall?” the Queen asked.

“No, that was just the G7 members,” Mr Morrison, who attended the summit as a guest, replied.

“We’re an extension partner, as they call them, but you were quite the hit.”

“I did see you from a distance haha. But I was a bit busy talking to some Asians so I couldn’t say G’day”

The Queen nodded, as she began to process that maybe Australia’s fourth Prime Minister in ten years might actually not be the full quid.

Scotty From Marketing continued.

“I couldn’t believe how different you look in person, I mean compared to the coin”

“Even now, like close up, I’m kinda wondering if you are the real Queen”

The 95-year-old monarch replied: “What do you mean by that Mr Morrison?”

Scotty kept digging.

“It’s like… Ah I dunno” he said.

The Queen, now attempting to side-eye her handlers, implored him to continue with the thought bubble he had already begun to vocalise.

“Go on” she said.

Morrison chuckled.

“It’s just…” he said.

“I’m just like holy crap you look so much older in real life!”

“Haha what the heck?”

The Queen, now rounding up her staff by making circular motions with her finger, only had a few words to say to the Prime Minister before she was ushered away.

“Have you got rocks in your head, mate?” she scowled.


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