“Okay now a bit of soap” says local Queensland mother-of-3 Florence Di Roma (44), as she guides her daughter through the Northern tradition of cleaning your hands after touching something.

“Yep good. Now put your fingers under the water and wash them for twenty seconds”

The two of them wait patiently, as her 5-year-old scrubs off every germ that she might have picked up from the trolley bar in Woolworths.

“Alright they look clean. Okay, now for the drying…”

It might seem pointless to those in New South Wales and Victoria, by this popular Queensland past time of ‘personal hygiene’ is credited with helping prevent yet another lockdown in the Sunshine State.

This comes as the Palaszczuk Government puts out yet another spotfire of cases in the River City.

With just one community transmission recorded overnight, the pubs and football stadiums of the north will remain open as contact traces work dilligently to stamp out anymore infections.

The most recent case is believed to be a student who was already in home quarantine, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said her infection did not cause concern for any more outbreaks, after already linked to the Sunnybank cluster. The 15-year-old girl was a close contact of an existing case.

It’s this vigilant eye gor symptoms and a motivated community that has been able to continually crush the Delta Variant in the State Favoured By God. However, the Queensland cultural ritual of teaching the young basic personal hygeine has by far been the most

Today, in the beautiful timber Queenslander homestead of Florence Di Roma in South Betoota Lakes, this important life skill is being passed down to the next generation.

“I really do feel sorry for everyone down south” says Florence.

“It’s not their fault”

“Where were their mothers? Where were their fathers?”

“I just don’t think they were taught what we were taught”

As Florence’s daughter rushes back to the rumpus room with clean hands, the young mother pours herself an Earl Grey with a nip of Bundy.

“Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that not everyone understands the importance of a bar of soap and some warm water” she says, as she takes a sip.

“And this is what we are left with. 15 million Australians in lockdown.”

“Those poor people. If only they knew then what we knew then”


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