An illegal Western Queenslander drug syndicate, allegedly manufacturing millions of dollars worth of Astra-Zeneca vaccines, has been raided today after an ongoing investigation.

And police believe the operation has links to the terrified aged care sector, made up of elderly people and staff who are growing worried the government won’t be able to vaccinate for another year.

Organised Crime Squad commander Detective Superintendent Lote Kefu said police received information in April this year that syndicate members were involved in the establishment of an illegal lab in the Emerald area.

“Over the last few weeks police from the Organised Crime Squad have been involved in an extensive surveillance on a business presence in North-West Queensland” he said.

“Police observed two males leaving and entering that premises at all times of the day and night. They appeared to be carrying items consistent with that used in clandestine laboratories.”

Health experts say that, like most issues involving the street manufacturing of drugs, this is more of medical issue than one that can be resolved by incarcerating young men for their entire lifetimes.

It is believed that the governments catastrophic bungling of the Australian vaccine roll-out might be driving rural Australians to cook up their own jabs, as the reality sinks in on how long it will take to vaccinate the whole country.

Repeated delays to Australia’s vaccine rollout – triggered by supply issues, logistical failures and changing health advice – have dramatically reshaped the government’s plan for vaccinating Australians.

This has resulted in the growing issue of rural Australian vaccine meth labs.

Prime Minister Morrison has avoided questions surrounding his government’s lack of preparation for these major public health measures, and has instead focused attention on these depraved druggie fucks doing the wrong thing.

“This is a concerning social issue that I have nothing to do with” said Morrison.

“But its something I want to highlight as a horrendous crime and one that I would personally like to see people executed for, if we were allowed to do that still”

“Stop doing the wrong thing!!!”


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