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A blue-haired yuppie who lives a charmed life in our town’s French Quarter has labelled Israel an ‘Apartheid state’ in a scathing social media post over the weekend – a sentiment echoed by his followers.

Despite Australia having a long history of brutally suppressing people based on their religion, skin colour and background, Lewis Quench says he sees no irony in making such a statement about Israel.

“Do you think Israel is in the wrong here? Do you think they should stop killing Palestinians?”

Our reporter nodded.

“Then I don’t see what the problem is? How is it ironic for an Australia to say another country is an apartheid state? It’s not like we’re firing rockets into another country and killing people. You can’t compare what Israel is doing to Palestine to what Australia is doing to refugees and Aboriginal people. We aren’t blowing up buildings with laser-guided bombs,”

“You need to check your facts. I’m not defending the government, I’m just saying you need to actually see that people are dying over there and here, nobody is getting blown up,”

“You’re going to get called out so hard over this article, which is a shame because I usually like your newspaper but I think this article will miss the mark because it’s essentially about me being ignorant to the fact that the Australian government routinely violates human rights legislation while calling out another country for doing just that,”

“Such a shame.”

More to come.


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