The people of Sydney were met with some comparatively good news this morning, after Gladys Berejiklian announced a slight drop in coronavirus cases at today’s 11 am press conference.

New South Wales has recorded 170 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, including at least 42 infectious in the community, down from a record-breaking 239 on Thursday.

However, the Premier said she is expecting to see the “numbers bounce around” due to the number of cases infectious in the community, and asked Sydneysiders to not get complacent.

“Obviously today’s number is considerably less than yesterday but don’t assume it won’t be back up tomorrow,” she warned.

“and more people will get sick in these hostspots…”

“But I just want to let everyone know that the NSW Government is committed to making sure no one in South-West gets any sicker than the sickest in the game”

The journalist present at today’s press conference appeared confused as to who the NSW Premier was talking about.

“Oh for goodness sake” she scowled.

“I’m talking about Kerser. The rapper. MC Kerser”

“It goes without saying that the Kerser is the sickest. And he’s from Campbelltown. Which makes him the sickest in South-West Sydney. I mean, I would argue that he’s the sickest in Australia, possibly the world, but today I’m talking about South-West Sydney”

The audience shrugged as the continued to pretend they were not aware of the highest-selling Australian hip hop artist for the last decade – with ten sold out nationwide tours and ten albums at ARIA number one – without any of his songs being played on a Triple J daytime slot.

“Anywayyyy” said Gladys.

“It’s very important everyone stays inside and gets their jabs as soon as possible.”

“We cant possible have anyone getting any sicker than Kerser. That is uncharted terrirtory”


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